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Beaineau Automobile


the case study

Defining the digital marketing strategy and a website for a young and visionary entrepreneur of a car dealership in Lengnau AG.

The owner started his business to buy and sell used cars at a very early age. Though he could establish very quickly, he targets to penetrate the Swiss market through an online presence.
Our mission was to create an online visibility of Beaineau Automobile's business.

THE project



So far, Beaineau Automobile had an online presence only through a Facebook page. The expectation was to project the existing fleet of cars through his personal brand name. Asides, we ware asked to to build a old car buying assessment form, with picture upload options.


Code website with options to showcase existing vehicles.
Design email workflow for the customer to send email and attachments.
Get quality photos and not bought online.
Design a multi-language website.
Position Beaineau-automobile to the digital frontier and make it easy to connect with potential customers.


We designed a multi-language website with a robust workflow alerting the owner whenever a customer submitted a query.
The email process flow alerts the owner when someone submits details to sell their cars.
We took professional photographs of the cars and surroundings.
Mobile-friendly website.


Custom WIX Website
Responsive Design
Website Maintenance
SEO Optimization

the output

the looks

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